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Mind Mapping for School Teachers and Students

Mind Mapping for School Teachers and Students

Join our first LIVE webinar of 2019 where Peter te Riele will explore the uses and benefits of mind mapping in schools for teachers and students!

Peter te Riele is an education specialist, who helps schools to develop their education by training, coaching, and consulting with teams and individuals. Peter seeks to inspire and help teachers and students, and will share how he uses mind maps in different situations in schools.

08 January 2019
09:00-10:00 am
(Pacific Time)

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22 January 2019

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06 Feb 2019

Mind Mapping: Vision to Action
20 Feb 2019

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Course proposal for high school students in a two-week mini-course

High-Value Web Communications with Concept Maps & WordPress

Learn about open-source, high-tech software for making concept maps. This fun communication tool aids one's thought process in deeper, complex topics. Build skills that can greatly assist you in the future when approaching problems or studying at college. Next, we'll publish our creative designs to the web and learn basic WordPress and collaboration capabilities. Students determine and write upon their own major topic areas such as music, things for teens to do in Pittsburgh, and other fun stuff. 

Mark Rauterkus, broadcasting the WPIAL Swimming Championships.

Mark Rauterkus, broadcasting the WPIAL Swimming Championships.

Concept Maps help get people onto the same page so action can occur more quickly

Athletic teams are for learning new skills and developing relationships

Pittsburgh is a sports town.

Meanwhile, its athletic, aquatics, and swimming programs are due for an exciting overhaul.

The aquatics concept map, shown below, is a splendid ice-breaker for initial meetings. The map easily shares the depth and scope of what is meant by the term, "Aquatics," and what should happen in this realm.

Tip: Click map for a larger view.

Aquatics concept map with various activities and populations

Aquatics, according to Mark Rauterkus

Open knowledge


Prominent blogger-journalist Andrew Sullivan, former editor of the New Republic magazine, says that the Internet should be given much of the credit for forcing the resignation of top New York Times editors Howell Raines and Gerald Boyd: "Only, say, five years ago, the editors of the New York Times had much more power than they have today. If they screwed up, no one would notice much. A small correction would be buried days, sometimes weeks, later... The blogosphere in general created a growing chorus of criticism that helped create public awareness of exactly what Raines was up to."

Sullivan quotes a letter from one of his readers: "Now in newspaper journalism, as in so many other traditional industries (real estate, banking, computers, retail sales, airlines, travel, etc.), we see that the Internet strips away discretion, power and secrecy.

It is very hard to withstand the forced transparency induced by this new technology." To which Sullivan adds: "And you ain't seen nothing yet." (The Daily Dish 6 Jun 2003)