Raymond’s Race Pace Poster application

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Raymond Keown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania offered up this gem of a poster / infographic that he had made for his team. 

The photos appeared on the Facebook group, Swim Coaches Idea Exchange.

Poster that merges energy zones with colors
One deck infographic with energy zones

On deck utilization of the poster.

Full posting:

We use Sweetenham's training paces for practice, but list them in Urbanchek's color codes instead of A1, A2, A3, etc.

The kids relate better to colors, but more easily understand and accept Sweetanham's pace explanation, both correlate similarly. Plus, I like using their best 200 time more than a T30 as it's easier to explain % of race pace.

I got tired of re-writing this on the white board and wanted something that looked better and attracted the kids attention more, so I had this banner made. Kids love it.

Thanks to Michael Beard at Staging Light for producing it for me.

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