Athletic teams are for learning new skills and developing relationships

Pittsburgh is a sports town.

Meanwhile, its athletic, aquatics, and swimming programs are due for an exciting overhaul.

The aquatics concept map, shown below, is a splendid ice-breaker for initial meetings. The map easily shares the depth and scope of what is meant by the term, "Aquatics," and what should happen in this realm.

Tip: Click map for a larger view.

Aquatics concept map with various activities and populations

Aquatics, according to Mark Rauterkus

Nice to see concept maps at other sites.

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Author's website: https://JonoBacon.comPodcast episode: Mike Dillard, April 2020Concept map allows for zooms and full screen viewing. GitHub rocks. Community efforts are super

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Read More that there is also an open-source data set with this release. Let us know if you dive into it and what

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Nearly a dozen different styles are presented. 

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Back in 2007, the website, Platform for Pittsburgh, was used to champion ideas in local political races and to document what others

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